Nov 18, 2014

NOT The Highlight of My Day

Hey There!

I have tried to be friends with liquid and cream highlighters but it hasn't worked. I've tried to glide it over my cheeks and down my nose to look all dewy and glowy. But I still look the same after the initial application. Oh, for about 10 - 20 minutes I see a beautiful sheen that makes me look all youthful and lovely and then I guess my cheeks soak it up and I look regular.

My cheeks are probably the only normal skin area I have. My t-zone is oily and the rest of my face is dry to normal. You would think that that would mean liquid or cream would be best. You would think that it would just sit in its glory on the apples of my face. Alas, I think not. 

What I have discovered after trying to force them to work is that powder highlighter works best for me. I'm currently in love with the top two spots on my Too Faced Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer. On other complexions it might be a bronzer. For me, it gives my cheeks a radiant glow.

So, my new plan for highlighting is to keep using what works; I'll be trying more powders. That means you'll be trying them with me.

Virtually of course.

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