Nov 26, 2014

Wine About It Wednesday - November

Hey There!

You only see 4 wines AND 2 of them are almost full bottles that I am struggling to finish. Spoiler alert -- I only liked 1 of them enough to repurchase.

And may I remind you that I am soooo not a wine connoisseur?! I know what I like and I'm learning all the time why I like the ones I like. And for every 1 wine that I decide I adore, there are normally 4 or 5 that I mark off my list.

My first wine choice was a Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley, Harvest Select Sweet Riesling. I figured that because it was a sweet Riesling, I'd like it. Weeeeeeellllllll, it was ok. It wasn't as sweet as I liked and almost too dry for me. The Colombia Valley company website says that "Richness is balanced by crisp acidity to maintain harmony". It was too tart for me.

The next wine that I picked up was Kung Fu Girl. I picked it up simply because the bottle looked interesting. My favorite wine store of all time (Total Wine & More) said similar things to the Columbia Valley, Harvest Select Sweet Riesling. They called Kung Fu Girl "Crisp, Peach, Citrus, Light-bodied". It's better that the previous wine. It's refreshing but with a serious dry note

Another bottle that caught my eye was this Hogue Late Harvest Riesling, also from the Columbia Valley. Wine Enthusiast and say that this carries some sugar but not enough to be cloying. I probably should look for "very cloying" in my descriptions from now on because this too was too dry for my liking. My thought process was that it's from Washington State and apparently I like the soil there so I'll probably like this one. I was wrong. This one was tart and dry too. Again, trying to work through this but I might give up. The kiddo is making pasta sauce with this so I may add some (we aren't making THAT much sauce so most of it will go to waste -- sorry!).

The last wine is one of my faves. Paradise Peak Sweet Riesling isn't my favorite of all time but it's one of my top five. It's a sweet wine (but not cloyingly so). It's refreshing and lovely and I can sip on it for a while (and then I realize half the bottle is gone, and it's just me...). I like it best out of the fridge for about 10- 15 minutes.

And, side note. I noticed something when I was writing this "review". On, one of the "expert reviewers" had a list of all of the wines that they gave 5 stars to underneath one of my fave wines. I decided that I might just take a peek at their list and pull a few from there. Perhaps that's a better way to select that the "ohhh this bottle is pretty" method! LOL.

So did you try anything new this month? What's your method for picking wines? Is it better than my "pretty bottle" method?

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