Nov 30, 2014


Hey there!

We've come to the end of the month so it's time to take out the trash! I keep a little, green container by my trash can in the bathroom just so I can keep my empties, show them to you and tell you what I thought about them. Let's see what I used up this month.

This month I only used up one AVON Bubble Bath (Lavender Garden - 2 for $10). I love it and will probably always repurchase it.  I also finished a Despicable Me Bubble Bath in Apple Banana that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. Don't you dare laugh at me. This stuff smelled soooo good! It didn't bubble up very much and it didn't last as long as my AVON bubble bath but it smelled soooo good! If I find this again, I'll probably spend the dollar and get it.

I finished two shower gels. I finished my I Cinnamon Swirl. I got this from the Target Dollar Spot. If you see this, grab it. I loved the smell. It smells just like red hots. I also used up a Caress Aqua Sparkle Shower Gel in Lilac Blossom & Aquamarine Essence. I have quite a collection of full sized shower gels so it takes me quite a long time to finish one. This one was so nice. It smells clean and fresh. It reminded me of the way a nice soothing bubble bath should smell. I would definitely repurchase this one.

I finished off two packs of facial wipes. While traveling I got 2 LA Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes. I was excited to get this. It mean I could try this out without purchasing the whole pack. Well, I tried one of the two. It sucked. It was wet enough but it left lint all over my face! Not a fan folks. Not a fan. The other wipes I used were the Simple Sensitive Cleansing Facial Wipes. I got these BOGO at CVS several months back. I think I have finally finished all of the ones I purchased (I had a coupon to go with the BOGO so I picked up a few packs). These were ok, but that was just it. They didn't do anything else for me. I can't remember what I paid but probably more than I should have.

I used up a Secret deodorant in Powder Fresh. I never use anything else. Nothing else keeps the stink away.

My splurge hair product is my Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine. It's almost twenty bucks but it smells so good (fruity and sweet) and I use it like hair perfume and a sheen spray really. The only problem with this is that it does weigh my hair down so I don't use it that often.

I'm tossing that Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer nail polish. I hated that stuff! It sat on my desk for months and I finally decided it has to go.

Do you see this empty tub from Naturally...for you? I got that for Christmas last year. No, I didn't use it up. The scent was horrid but for some reason I never tossed it. This month I tossed it but decided I wanted to keep the jar and little scoop. I have no idea what I'll use it for.

I also finished a sample of the Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask that I got in my Ipsy bag last month. It was a nice conditioning mask. I didn't really have any problems with it but the price point is high. $26 for 5.25 oz is a bit much in my opinion, for just ok. I currently have a stash of Organix conditioners ($7.99 BOGO) that I have fallen in love with. I don't see this item as a replacement of any sort for my beloved Organix.

I like to make my house smell good so I burn candles and use plug ins all the time. If I know I'm going to be home for at least 90 minutes, I burn a candle. This month I've been burning a lot of fall themed scents but I only used 2 candles up (I've been mixing and matching a lot). I know that everyone loves Bath and Body Works candles over all others but so far my favorite candle brand is the Target Scented Soy Candle line. I like their room throw and the fragrances have been very nice. This month I finished a Very Berry that I actually picked up from Marshalls for $3.99. I think it was a discontinued scent. Anyway, it smelled really nice and fresh. The other that I loved was the Heritage Pumpkin fragrance. Man! It smelled soooo good! I expected a pie to come out of the oven. Once I started burning it, I planned to run out and get a full size (the large 3 wick) but I had so many other fall candles that I needed to finish, I didn't get a chance to. If you still see this one at Target and aren't afraid to burn it (even if it isn't Christmasy), get it. You won't regret it.

And, as always, my random item. I have been loving my flavored coffee creamers! It's only been in the last 3 or so months that I have been using them. This month I've tried several but my favorite two for the month have been the International Delight Vanilla Caramel Creme and Nestle Coffee Mate Dulce de Leche. Both of these are sweet, caramel goodness that makes my plain coffees taste great.

And that's it! I can work on emptying stuff for next month now! What's in your empties? Did you love it? Will you buy it again?

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