Nov 28, 2014

If It Smells Too Good To Be True, Is It?

Hey There!

I hope you good people had a GREAT Thanksgiving! I hope you got the hugs and food that your heart desired. If you didn't get a big ol' hug, come in close. Come on, get over here, I'm gonna hug you!

SO now we are all hugged up, let's talk about some fragrance. Have you seen these at Dollar Tree and run away from them? Me too. I mean for a dollar, what kind of scent are you going to get and exactly how long is that gonna last? Everyone knows you can't get a good fragrance from Dollar Tree! Guess what? Everyone is wrong.

A few of my Dollar Tree haul folks on YouTube kept saying I needed to try them out. I always hesitate with fragrance because I'm picky (with everything). I like sugary sweet scents and musky scents. I had seen the little $1 mini duo's before but passed right by them. After watching several reviews, I thought what the heck?!  I picked up 3 of them.

I purchased Too Much ("Our impression of Tory Birch"), Stunner ("Our impression of Bombshell by Victoria Secret") and Touch ("Our impression of Coach Love Coach"). The glass bottles contain.3 fl oz of perfume and the lotion container contains .9 fl oz of lotion. And, of course, each duo is $1.

Stunner was just TOO powerful for me. It is a strong scent. Too Much is better but I can only use a little bit. I liked Touch a lot. It's a lighter fragrance and seems "florally sweet". By that, I mean it's not candy sweet but a light floral scent that's sweet (sorry folks, that's the best I can do with perfume descriptions!). Now, while the perfume roll-ons differed in intensity, the small lotions did not. They all were very lightly scented and I could handle them all. This is perfect because they are tiny enough to fit into my wristlet and the smell isn't overpowering. They are a touch watery but it's not bad. They aren't a cream or ultra hydrating but they aren't meant to me.

And all of these fragrances last. I've heard people say that they don't last more than 30 minutes or have a strong alcohol scent. I just don't find that to be true. Yesterday I wore Too Much. I put it on at 1:15pm and when I got home from eating and then shopping, the scent was still there. That was about 10:30pm. The lotion lasts a while, but I wash my hands 9 million times a day so you aren't going to last through that. But, it's ok.

Would I purchase these again? I think so, even if it's only for the purse sized lotion. I think the perfume is a nice little trinket to have in your desk at work in case your forgot to put on some smell good before you left the house. Now remember, the bottle is glass so it doesn't travel well. That is definitely a downfall. The lotions are great and you can keep them everywhere.

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