Mar 25, 2015

Make It Up As You Go Beauty Subscription Bag Service - March Review

Hey there!

A few weeks ago I told you all about my Make It Up As You Go Beauty Subscription Bag Service (this beauty subscription bag/box is not a real service!) I didn't have the best luck with Ipsy so I thought perhaps I could do better for me. Well, I did do better, kind of.

I ran across the Proclaim Coconut & Macadamia Nut Oil Hand & Body Lotion ($1.99, Sally Beauty Supply) and was so excited. It smells lightly of coconut but it absorbs well, isn't greasy and leaves your hands very moisturized. I like it. Would I buy it again? Well, if I was in or near the Sally Beauty Supply, I certainly would. If I had to drive past Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreens to get there, probably not. It's good but so are others.

I was also excited to try out the Wet n Wild Coloricon Contouring Palette ($3.93, Walmart) in Caramel Toffee. The coloring is very pretty and of course it's buttery smooth. The only problem is it's too light for my complexion. I could just keep it and use it as a face powder but I have too many face powders to make this become one. I'll pass this one along to a friend because it really is a good contouring palette.

I used my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush ($9.98, Wal-Mart) to apply the contouring powder. I used it every day and felt like something was amiss. I couldn't put my finger on what the problem was. Then I began seeing people review it on YouTube and it jumped out at me. It's too densely packed. The brush is too full and when you try to place your contour powder, it wipes off you concealer or foundation that's under it. I tried to pat it in place but that just didn't work. It is a great brush. Well made, great hand feel, it's just not a good sculpting brush. I might use it for foundation or something (I've heard other people try that) but not for contouring.
The Bubble White 5 Minute Effervescent Nail Cleanser ($1.99, Sally Beauty Supply) was nice. It was a treat to soak my hands in warm water for 5 minutes. It softened my cuticles and prepped my nails for polish. It was a real treat. Did it whiten my nails? Well, I purposely waited until after my St. Patty's Day green nails and used it. I still had discoloration after using it. I didn't see where it whitened my nails at all. But still, it is a really good hand soak and the price is right. I would definitely purchase it again.

The final item "in my bag" was an Essence Lipstick in Wear Berries ($2.99, ULTA). Have mercy! Why did I wait so long to try these lippies? I actually purchased 2 of them at the same time and I have been rockin' them like crazy. I love them! They last for several hours. They don't leave my lips feeling dry. They are highly pigmented. I just wish they had more colors to choose from. Even so, I will be purchasing more of these. They are amazing!

And my cute, deep red wristlet? Love it. I've been using this whether I was wearing red or not. It's great!

So, I spent $32.88 plus tax (on stuff I was going to buy anyway) and will forward one thing to a friend. That's pretty good for a subscription box. With my last box, I ended up giving 3 of the 5 items away. Of the 2 items I kept, I haven't used either of them since! This month, I'll give away 1 item and keep using the others.

I did mention that you can do this too. Pick up 5 new to you items. Try them out for a few weeks and then see what you think. I enjoyed finding my 5 items and I have really enjoyed using them! No disappointment here!!

Did any of you try this? Are you going to try it now? Did you think about trying 5 new wines and inviting me over? At least three of you have my phone number. I'm waiting!

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