Jan 18, 2015

Ipsy Bag - January

Hey there!

I got my Ipsy bag this week. I canceled my subscription earlier this month because I was soooo unimpressed with the last 2 bags that I had gotten. I said if I didn't like this one I was done. 

Well, I saw my preview and canceled immediately. 

This isn't a preview or a review. This is me, telling you what I received and what I'm going to do with each of the products. 

The bag itself was a cheapy, cheapy one. Like all of my Ipsy bags, I'll keep it to give a gift in.

I received an Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush ($9.99 with a 50% off of your total order Ipsy discount). It feels very soft and the handle is a nice size but honestly, I have a ton of shadow brushes just like this one. This will go to a friend.

There were two eye shadow products this month. One was the Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow in Treasure ($14 with a 20% off Ipsy discount - DISCLAIMER- you can only purchase the singles in a quad. That's why it's $14) and the other is from Bella Pierre Cosmetics in Whesek ($14.99 with a 25% Ipsy discount). Treasure is a tan that is never going to show up on my eyelids. There is NO reason to even open this one. Whesek appears to be a sparkly steel grey. I don't wear steel grey often so this is also a no for me. These will go to friends as well.

There is a Probelle Nail Lacquer in Into Blue ($6 with a 20% Ipsy discount) that I am very excited to try. It looks like it will be very pretty. And, with the discount, I am tempted to purchase more!

And lastly is a Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm ($12 with a 15% Ipsy discount). It's a thick balm that smells of mint and lemon-lime. There is no color and even though it's thick, it's not too heavy on the lips. It feels comfortable. I might actually like this.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like the cosmetics bag concept. It's nice to get a present and every time someone gives you a gift you aren't going to be in love with it. But it got to the point that I was never in love with it. I was giving more stuff away than I was keeping!  

This month, will all the Ipsy discounts, my bag was worth $37.44 ($56.98 if you pay full price). The only thing that I'm excited about is the nail polish. The lip balm is ok. That's a wrap folks. No more Ipsy bags for me. I was beginning to get the same things over and over in addition to stuff I couldn't use. I think I can mix and match quite a bit for $10. Maybe I'll do a post each month were I create my own $10 or $15 bag with stuff to try for the month (wheels are turning in the head...stay tuned).

In any event, I'd love to know if any of you tried the Ipsy bag. What do you think of it and have you found anything new?

And here it is- what is an Ipsy Bag?(<-- a link to the about Ipsy page only, however my personal link is below), Ipsy is a subscription service makeup bag and for $10 a month, you get a bag and 5 beauty items -- sometimes full size, most of the time sample sizes. Some of the companies that supply items are very well known and some are lesser known companies. 

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