Mar 8, 2015

Make It Up As You Go Beauty Subscription Bag Service

Hey there!

Don't get excited just yet. Don't go grabbing your credit card to subscribe. It ain't that kinda beauty subscription service! I told you about 2 months ago that I was going to do my own subscription bag service! For about 6 or so months I had subscribed to Ipsy and I ended up wasting or gifting most of the items each month. I decided that what I'd do instead, was find 5 new products each month and review them instead.

I know that sounds odd because wasn't that what I was doing with Ipsy? Each month they would send me 5 new to me (possibly) items to try. The difference is with Ipsy, I'd inevitably get 2 or 3 items that didn't apply to my circumstances. What do I mean? Well, I don't need items like tanning products (I have God's natural tan), hair spray products (black hair isn't fond of all hair sprays, just some), makeup colors that will never work on my complexion (I am not wearing bright Barbie pink lip ANYTHING) or a thousand makeup brushes that I won't use.

My plan is to pick 5 items that I have never used before and try them out for you good people. Some of the items with be from brands that I know and love. Some of the items will be new products that have hit the shelves and I just need to try out. And, some of the products will be new brands that I have or may not have heard of. I'm going to try my very best to find some new gems that are different than the products that we already use all the time.

Will my purchases add up to $10? Of course not. I'm going to do just like Ipsy (and other beauty subscription services) and pick a myriad of types of products to try. When you add up product value, it was always in the $45 - $65 dollar range. Mine will probably be closer to the $45 value but I will probably spend more than $10 to get them. I still want to try out new types of things though, so I will still pickup new makeup brushes, lippies, nail polishes, hand and body creams, hair products, etc. they are just going to be things that appear to work for me. Instead of the 35 - 50% usability rate that I had with Ipsy, I should have an 85% rate on my own. Let's try that out, shall we?

And let me be clear -- I am not knocking Ipsy or any other beauty subscription service. I tried them and they don't work for me. They are a nice, fun idea but the surprise of it all didn't work and only about half of the products applied to my needs. That may not be the case for everyone. Some folks may really like everything that they get. I didn't.

So, to reiterate, I am planning to buy 5 brand new (to me) items each month, try them for a few weeks and then come back and tell you what I thought about them. I think it's gonna be fun.

Oh, and yes, bags will be involved but with a twist. Teehee! What twist you ask? Stay tuned to find out!!

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