Mar 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Nails

Hey There!

There are only a few times a year when I do green nails. St. Patrick's Day counts as one of those times.

I have had my St. Patrick's Day polish since before Valentine's Day. I've been waiting to get my paint on! I'm a pretty festive girl and painting your nails is a pretty harmless way to get your festivities on.

I picked all Sinful Colors polishes for this St. Patty's Day look. No, not sponsored (Is someone from Sinful Colors reading? They can sponsor me if they'd like) but they had the colors I needed for this look.

I go simple. Nothing too crazy for this girl. I wore Curry Up on all of my nails. 2 coats to get a good base. 1 coat would have been too streaky so I felt I needed 2 coats. I knew that I'd paint over all of the Curry Up'd nails except my thumbs.

I used 2 coats of Green Ocean on my pinky and middle fingers. Green Ocean has shades of green, iridescent glitter in a clear base. The sparkle was subtle which is desired since the other fingers were power fingers. I could have done 1 coat of Curry Up and then 3 thick coats of Green Ocean for more sparkle but that wasn't the look I was going for. Fun fact - I bought a second Green Ocean when I purchased polish for my St. Patty's Day look. I didn't even know I had one already!

For my ring finger and my pointer finger I used Shamrockin'. Shamrockin' has white and lime green confetti with larger white flowers throughout a clear base. I have to admit, I used 2 thick coats and then used a toothpick to fish out and place my large white flowers (are these supposed to be the shamrocks?). I was a bit disappointed. The white flowers are also stiff so they don't bend around the nail. What does that mean? I can feel them on my nails and eventually, the flowers are going to peel off. But, for the three days I'm going to wear this look, it's ok.

Over all though, I like this look. I think it's perfect for St. Patrick's Day. I like them because they aren't exclusive to just one holiday though. The green sparkles in Green Ocean can be used over white or cream for an everyday look. Shamrockin', while marketed as a St. Patrick's Day color can be used in the same way. I see Shamrockin' as a very cute toe nail polish for the beach...can't you see it?!

I knew when I painted my nails that I'd get 3 days out of these and then I'd be taking them off. Green isn't for me. But, this look is so cute that it's super easy to pull off. Any complexion can do it because it's a gimmicky look and it's supposed to be a bit different.

I like it! 

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