Mar 24, 2015

Lippie Love - Taking Care

Hey there!

I've been testing out quite a few lippies and even though they weren't the staining kind, I thought I'd test out 2 new to me products (for lipstick stains and lip healing) and see if they had any affect at all on my lips.

I found a Maybelline Superaway Lipcolor Remover at Dollar Tree. Normally when something is at Dollar Tree it means it's on its way out or didn't sell well. Unfortunately for us, this must be one of those items. After swatching several highly pigmented lippies, I wanted to make sure my colors stayed true so I rubbed some of this stuff on and then wiped it off in between swatches.

The fluid in the tube is kind of slick. It's more liquidy than vasaline but works wonders at removing the lipstick. I haven't tried it with a lipstain but I definitely intend to.

And, once I finished swatching 5 or 6 lippies, my poor kissers needed a break. I rubbed my Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 all over them. I think labeling it #1 is a bit much but it did make my irritated lips feel better. It didn't last as long as Aquaphor but it felt better than Aquaphor. The price isn't too crazy and you only need a touch so it might just be worth the $7 investment.

I still have many lippies that I plan on trying so this dynamic duo will be staying for a while. Have you tried either of them? What did you think? Worth it or no?

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