Mar 26, 2015

Quickie Preview - Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift for 2015

Hey there!

Happy Birthday to me is coming up soon! You know what I do all April for my birthday. Oh yes, it is the month of treats! I am treating myself all month and celebrating the big 4-3! Yes, I said it loud and proud. 43!

In the month of April I treat myself to little goodies that I wouldn't normally treat myself to. That could be makeup but it also could be food, clothes, jewelry, you know, all the little things that you don't really need but you really want. If you need an excuse to pamper yourself a little, use my April birthday as an excuse. Go ahead! It's ok!

My first gift of the year was from Sephora. I went in and picked up my 2015 Birthday gift which is a NARS lippie duo. It's a NARS Satin pencil in Rikugien (.05 oz) and a NARS Velvet Matte pencil in Cruella (.06 oz). I am very excited to try these because I've never had a NARS lip pencil. The normal sizes are .07 oz and .086 oz respectively and they run $26. That's a birthday steal! Almost $50 worth of product for free (well, not free, not really).

If you haven't signed up for Sephora Beauty Insider, you really should, just for the goodies. Even if you only spend $25 for the year (like THAT is really gonna happen), it's still worth it. It's free to sign up. No, they didn't make me say that, I just like to tell you good people about good deals.

And I plan to catch ALL of the good deals in April. Just you wait and see folks! Just you wait and see!!

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