Aug 9, 2014

Quickie Review - Black Opal Color Splurge Lustre Gloss

Hey there!

I don't know if you ever peek at the Black Opal products but I have always made sure I looked at what they had going on. Most of the time I'd pick up eye products or concealer products. This is honestly the first time I've ever looked at their lippies.

The Black Opal Color Splurge Lustre Glosses are touted as "opulent, shine-boosting liquid gloss (that) illuminates lips with a glistening iridescence". There are 16 colors on the website. My store had about 10 color to choose from. I picked up Plush and Mahvelous (because folks had obviously gotten there before me and cleaned them out). I thought both of these colors would look great on me.

First thing that was a downer was that they have brush applicators instead of spongy things doe foot (I can't think. I've been out all day). I'm not a fan of the applicator style. I could get around it though.

The glosses aren't good "alone" glosses. They are comfortable but I wouldn't wear them alone. They are kinda sheer, kinda patchy so the best use for them is as a lipstick cover or on top of a lip liner base.

Now both colors are great but Plush is the bomb dot com. Really. It's a peachy pink that really does illuminate my lips with a glistening iridescence. I wore it over Revlon Superlustrous Just Enough Buff and The Balm Ima Goodkisser.

Mahvelous is a pretty fuchsia that that adds some pop to lipsticks. It's ok -- nothing to write home about.

The lip glosses were $6.99 but BOGO 1/2 off. So, $5.24 each. I also used a $4 off coupon when I added my NYX lip liner in Vanilla Sky (Oh.My.Gosh! It is soooo gorgeous!). So, everything was $11.48 plus tax. Not bad.

Would I buy them at full price? Probably not. Mahvelous was just ok and I have several other illuminator lip glosses. Would I buy them at a discount? Plush, yes. Mahvelous, no. Would I recommend them to a friend? Well, yeah. If you get them at a discount, they really are nice to wear over lipsticks or with lip liners. I just think that $6.99 is a but high. I mean my current loves (NYX Butter Glosses -- smell the vanilla) are only $4.99. My Milani Brilliant Shines are also $4.99 but I might not buy them at full price. And, I love the Nanacoco Caught Out Loud glosses from the beauty supply store for $1.99.

I guess I sound a tad bit harsh, but look... the bottom line is that lip gloss shouldn't have to cost a lot and if it does, it should be superior quality. No, $6.99 isn't a lot, but these glosses aren't $6.99 quality.

Maybe $4.99.

Definitely $3.99.

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