Apr 24, 2014

Nanacoco Caught Out Loud Lip Glosses

I feel like some products don't get quite as much love as they deserve. I'm not sure if it's because they are too expensive/cheap or too elusive/easy to find. I think that my Nanacoco Caught Out Loud lip glosses are in that category. They are cheap glosses that you find at the beauty supply store but they are so nice.  They are rich, fully pigmented, smell nice and they're cheap. They aren't sticky and all and last for several hours.

I love the fact that you can try a nice bright color or a soft nude color and not spend more than $1.99 each! You can wear them alone or over other lip products or the thing I like to do, add a lip liner as a base. There appears to be about 30 colors in total and I own about...well it doesn't matter how many I own. Just know that I spend a lot of time at my local beauty supply store.

For this post, I pulled out my favorite 5.

I picked out Text Me Purple and Friday Night because they looked like they might be close to the Pantone Color of The Year, Radiant Orchid. I wear Text Me Purple alone and love it (I know. The girl that likes nudes and browns wears purple and likes it). I wear Friday Night over nudes or lighter berries that I feel need a little pick me up. I wear Lust over nudes or browns that need a little pick me up. I wear Ballerina over nudes for a little bit of pinky nude gloss. And I wear Desert Trip by itself when I just want some nudie gloss on my lips.

At $1.99 you could own the entire line and not feel guilty. I think these are just as good as some of my more expensive glosses and I think you'll feel that way too.

What's your cheapie lip gloss secret -- you know, the one that you love that cost you next to nothing?!

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