Jul 29, 2014

July Faves

Hey there!

I didn't have a ton of faves this month. That was because I was trying a lot of new products so I didn't get to wear too many things too many days in a row. Even so, I managed to ink out a few favorites. 

I've began using my eos hand lotion because I wanted to try it for you good people. I have kept reaching for it because it's pretty darn good. It smells nice and absorbs into the skin quickly. It only cost $1.99 and it was well worth it. I own Berry Blossom but the website says that they have Cucumber and Fresh Flowers. I think I'll try them as well.

I just did a post on my Claire's bamboo kabuki brush. I really have been using the heck out of it. It's a soft, full brush that allows great coverage when I used my loose or presses powder. The two days I have to do without it for washing hurt my feelings. 

I just ordered a new Body Fantasies Cotton Candy body lotion off of Amazon because it's been discontinued.  Normally when something like this happens I just move on to a new scent. That's not possible with this one.  It smells so sweet. I love it. If i luck up and find this lotion in the store, I'm buying all of them. 

I try to always add one non cosmetic item to each month -- you know, to broaden your horizons. This month it's the Lt. Blender's Peach Bellini Wine Freeze. Mom and I saw this in the Sam's club. I don't remember how much these were because Mom and I split 5 of them between us but man! These are so good! You just add wine and water and shake and freeze. You could even do it without wine. I mixed wine and water and then topped my frozen goodness with a little bit of ginger ale. It was slap your momma good (although U wouldn't do that). I truly enjoyed it. 

What have you been loving this month?

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