Jul 11, 2014

Body Fantasies Fragrance - Cotton Candy Scent

Hey there!!

I'm about to scour the web for some hand lotion.

It's going to cost me about $10 if not more.

And I don't care because I love this scent.

I am sooooo into cotton candy scents. I know, you probably didn't know that about me (insert sarcastic laugh here). Body Fantasies makes a cotton candy scented body spray. I normally don't like body sprays a lot because there's an alcohol "after smell" if it's a cheap one. Body Fantasies don't have that "after smell" so I actually like them. They have a myriad of scents to choose from and they don't cost a lot of money. My favorite scent by Body Fantasies is the cotton candy scent. Big Surprise.

I can pick up the spray at almost any store that I go into. That is never a problem. I can find travel sizes and bigger sizes for my perfume collection. But, I can't find the lotion that goes with this scent. I have had this particular bottle for about 2 years because I've been too scared to use it up. You know when you have the last little bit of something, you want to savor it. I wanted to savor this because I believed that once it was gone, it was just gone. And then I decided to Google it and guess what? I can buy it on line.

Yes, purchasing online (plus shipping) is much more expensive than buying it in the store. I can get the spray as cheap as $3. Amazon and other online retailer have it for $3.99 with $5.99 shipping! But it's worth it folks -- it really is!

So, I will be purchasing another bottle of lotion so that I can finish using this one. And in no time at all, you'll see this bottle in an Empties post.

And I can't wait because if you see this in an Empties post, that means I'm able to smell like cotton candy goodness.

And that makes me so happy!

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