Jul 30, 2014

Prime Time Summer - Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Hey there!

Can I please tell you about this primer?

First of all, have you figured out that if I am passionate (one way or the other) about something, I begin with "Can I please tell you" or something like that. That tells you the voraciousness of my love or dislike for something. In this case, it is my love.

This primer is not cheap. I played with many, many primers at Sephora the day that I purchased this. My hand was as sleek and slippery as the day is long. I couldn’t even baby wipe all the primer off my hand. But this baby right here was a stand out.

The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is what I am talking about.

This primer is lightweight and absorbs quickly. It’s not greasy and even though there is an SPF added, you don’t get that SPF smell, look or feel.

Some folks don’t like that silicone feel of primers. If that’s so, this is probably not the primer for you because it does have a slight silicone feel. I like that feel. Slightly silicone means that the rest of my face products will go on and stay on. And yes, they certainly do with this primer.

There is also a “glow” or “hue” with this primer. I don't mean an ugly tint. I mean an honest to goodness, "her face is glowing" glow. Am I the only person to say that? I don’t know if it’s the SPF15 or unicorn tears or what but there really is a slight glow that you see when it goes on. After you’ve added powder or foundation, that glow is still there. Pretty nice, huh.

And, I know what you’re going to say. At $18 for .33oz ($52 for 1oz, $72 for 2 oz Jumbo), it should leave you with a glow. That should be the case but I’ve tried other high end primers that didn’t do squat for my face and I’ve tried low end primers that I love. So, cost means nothing in the makeup game (well, it means something but not always what you think it should mean).

In this case, this is $18 well spent because “a dab will do ya”. If I’m having a light day, 1 pump in the center of my face is enough. If it’s a full makeup day, I use a pump and a half. I should have started counting the pumps to figure out how many pumps are in there! I don’t know how many pumps but I do know that I’ve been using this container for a month and I still appear to have quite a bit left.

I already said that I love this one so yes, I will repurchase it. I might even pay for the 1 oz size. Yep, I like it that much.

And that is saying A LOT coming from me!!

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