Jul 25, 2014

Brush Up On It!!


Hey there!

About six weeks ago I took the kiddo on a shopping trip and we took a stroll through Claire's. I was expecting the kiddo to spend lots of time in the store searching for stuff, playing with jewelry -- you know. I didn't expect to find items for myself. I gravitated towards the makeup area and pretty much brushed all that off (ha! did you get the joke?) but this bright pink brush caught my attention. I mean look at it. Wouldn't it catch you attention too?

Anyway, the brushes were on sale, BOGO half price and I really wanted that pink brush. I figured if it didn't work out (and it probably wouldn't, right?) I'd use it as decoration or for powder on my décolleté (side bar -- has anyone powdered their décolleté since 1905?). Since I had to have a second item, I grabbed a big kabuki brush, cause well, I didn't have one.

These brushes pleasantly surprised me. Because they were from what is typically featured as a teeny bopper stores, I expected them to be more for show than use. I expect the quality to be so-so and I didn't expect them to be comparable to the more expensive brushes I've purchased.

Boy was I was wrong! The large bamboo kabuki brush is a bit large but it rivals other, more expensive brushes that I've used.  Because of its size, I'm able to do 2 maybe 3 sweeps of my hand to put product (normally pressed powder or loose powder being used instead of foundation) on my face and them quick buffs to blend it in. I really like it. 

The neon Pink Powder brush applies finishing powder so well. I put my crown brush aside (and a gasp is heard in the room). I have been using this brush EVERY DAY! I really like it. It's very soft and spreads a small amount of product on your face so lovely.

Normally these brushes run $8.50 but I got them at BOGO half price so I only paid about $13 for both. That's not bad at all.

Do I have plans to pick up more of these? You bet your BOGO I will!

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