Jun 22, 2015

You Cheeky Thing!

Hey There!

I was getting ready to trade out face products for the next week or two and I realized that I hadn't told you good people what I've been wearing on my cheeks. I've been wearing the same blushes and bronzers for the last two weeks. The foursome has been really good for just meeting all of my face needs. I've gone from "no-makeup" makeup looks to work looks to night looks.

On my cheeks I've been going from my L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Blush in Spiced Plum and my Milani Baked Blush in Corallina. The ability to go from soft pink to soft peach is a summer time must! I like the soft pink but I do have to admit it's not as fantastic as the soft peach. But, when you wear pink and red as much as I do, you don't want to finish it off with peach.

Before I smear blush on my cheeks, I begin with some "contour" from my bronzer. I put contour in quotes 'cause what I do probably isn't considered anything close to real contouring. I put some NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny or Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks (cause it hides some of the dark spots on my face!!). I also drag it up near my temples to give a bit of summer glow. I use NYC Sunny for everyday and I use Park Ave Princess for night time use. TPAP is a tad bit glowey so it's nice for a nice out.

My lippies (as you have seen) have varied from day to day. My smell goods (as you will see) vary too. But, my cheek looks have remained the same for two weeks. Now it's time to change it up. Stay tuned for what I wear for the next week or two.

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