Jun 20, 2015

It's A Haul Y'all! - Bath and Body Works

Hey There!

Yeppers! I went to the Bath and Body Works and finished spending my birthday gift cards. My lovely friends know that I love some bath time smell good. And, well, some home smell good too!

I love the Bath and Body Works hand soaps. I've used others but they don't last as long and they certainly don't smell as great. I always wait until they are on sale and then stock up. This time I got all of my soaps for either $2.60 or $2.40. I had an extra 20% off! It's not the best sale that I've gone to but not bad and I was getting low. I try to pick up new fragrances when I go in. This time I picked up Island Margarita, Perfect Beach Day, Sunrise Sail and Island Pineapple.

I only picked up 1 shower gel and I only picked it up in the 3 oz. mini. I picked up Twilight Woods. It was on sale ($1.00) because the scent is being discontinued. It sells nice so I might pick up one more mini. Because I have a ridiculous amount of shower gels I won't pick up a full size.

Because I don't have enough candles in my life (just kidding), I got 2 of the mini's for $1.60. I wanted to try Guava Colada and Honolulu Sun. Spoiler alert -- Honolulu Sun smells so goooood! I like this mini's because it's like a try before you buy size.

And, the reason that I walked into Bath and Body Works was to grab the wallflower deals. With my coupon and the sale, they were only $2.40. I picked up Watermelon Lemonade (repurchase), Beautiful Day, Georgia Peach (repurchase), Sunset Beach and Kitchen Lemon. I recently did a post on why I've switched from Glad plugins to B&BW plugins. They have a great room throw and so many yummy scents to choose from.

So I didn't do too much damage. I think I didn't get too many miscellaneous items. I think it was ok. What do you think? Too much? Too little? And, ahem, what did you buy during the B&BW sale?

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