Jun 19, 2015

Zoya Mystery Minis

Hey there!

I wasn’t going to do it.

I really wasn’t going to buy them.

And then I saw the reviews. Everyone was talking about them and showing them off. So, I caved.

I saw that Zoya was having their mini mystery box for $15. They've done this before but this time I looked at it and kept going. The last Zoya mini mystery box was just ok. I didn’t think I needed to pay $15 for the next one.

But I did.

I just saw waaaaay too many showing the beautiful colors and flashing their nails around. And, I missed out! How could I miss out?

Luckily Zoya is smart and kept the code active. I was able to sneak in an order and get my deal at the tail end of the promotioin.

My mystery box came with 3 mini’s; Temperance, Violet and Marion. It also came with a travel sized nail polish remover (score!) and a hot lips gloss. Not sure what I’m going to do with the lip gloss (oh kiddo! Want a new lip gloss?) but I am stoked at the remover. That’s a $4.60 value! I love it when they give me free remover.

I ordered the mini trio’s because of Temperance. It’s a beautiful dusty blue/heather grey shimmery color. It reminded me of the Illamasqua color in Raindrop. Such a pretty blue. Worth the $15, almost by itself.

Violet is a warm lilac color. It’s a pretty purple cream polish. It just looks so rich! I think it’s a one coater but I’d always use two.

Marion is a shimmery purple. It’s like the other two polishes went on a date, had to many drinks and had a shimmery baby. I like the way it catches the light. I think it will make a great accent nail and it’s perfect for nail art.

I am so glad that I was able to make this deal. I almost missed out because I hesitated. I will make darned sure that I don’t hesitate next time!

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