Jun 6, 2015


Hey there!

Sorry good people. This empties is kinda late. I normally like to post my empties at the very end of the month or the first or second day. Today is the 6th day of the month. Not too far in but, you know. So, today I'm taking a little bit of time away from unpacking boxes to chit chat with some of my favorite folks!

This month I did go through quite a bit of products. In the bath I used two Sonoma Spa Bubble Baths this month. I finished one in Ocean Spa and one in Milk & Honey. Both of them are really nice. I've begun using these more than the others that I have. I like them because the price is right and they have so many different fragrances that they can match my mood. I will always repurchase these.

I also finished an Avon Bubble Bath in Peony Blossom. It's a strong scent and very floral. I'm not a big floral scented person so it was nice but I probably won't buy it again. I used a shower gel from a set that my sister got me for Christmas. It was in the scent Pomegranate Noir. It boasts of a scent of Exotic Spices and exquisite flowers. It was nice but didn't lather very well and the scent wasn't very strong. I probably wouldn't purchase that one.  

I did finish a Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel. Yum! I picked it up at either TJMaxx or Marshalls and if I EVA see it again, I'm picking up three. It's fantastic! It smells good, lathers great and make my bathroom spa like! And, I also finished a Bath & Bodyworks Malibu Heat shower gel. It smelled ok. It, of course, lathered very well. The scent didn't wow me like I thought it would so I probably won't buy it again.

I finished my holy grail face wipes Wet n Wild Under The Sheets. I love these. I didn't have them for about 2 or 3 weeks and then I found a Wally World that had them in stock. I grabbed 2 (cause that's all they had!). They take off the makeup and they don't dry out the skin. It's great. The other good face wipe was the Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleaning Wipe. I got these when I was out of my WnW ones. These are good too. I wouldn't kick them out of bed at night. In a pinch, I'd totally use these.

The other two wipes are not favorites at all. The Publix Makeup Remover wipes are horrible. They are wet and that's just it. I used them to remove swatches. The Giovani D-Tox System wipes were horrible. I had heard so many great things about them and I was so excited to try them. Not a fan -- really, really not a fan. They were oily and didn't remove any makeup at all. I tried one or two and then I just put them in the empties bin. It wasn't worth going any further.

I had random moisturization this month. I used not one, but two small H2O Targeted Care foot creams. I have a whole post about my love for this stuff. It's no surprise that I finished up two. I got mine from T.J.Maxx. If you find the full size of this stuff, GET IT!! Your feet will thank you.

My holy grail body lotion is Jergens Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer. I. Love. This. Stuff. It has a slightly cherry scent and it's nice and creamy. Not watery at all. I have other lotions but this is my favorite. The coconut body cream next to it is from the Dollar Tree. It was ok, for a dollar. The problem was, I only had it for a few months and it went rancid. It was slightly coconutty. Yes, I got my dollars worth. No, I wouldn't buy it again.

I used up a Secret Deodorant. No surprise there. It's the only deodorant I use. I tried a Cucumber Natural Essence Mask before I went to get portions of my face cut off (I mention why here). It was nice and I'd certainly use it again.

I used a mini Zoya Nail Polish Remover. I love this stuff. It's expensive but it works well and I feel like it's not as harsh on my nails. I finished a L'Oreal Shampoo trial. I've said it so many times. I like getting these minis but I really can't tell much with just a sample. I guess it was good. I also finished a package of bath salts that came in a Christmas gift. It was nice. I can't remember the fragrance though.

And that's what I threw out last Month. I think that was a pretty good green trash can haul. What did you toss out this month? How many would you repurchase?

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