Dec 26, 2014

Quickie Review - H2O Softening Mint Foot Rub

Hey There!

I take foot care seriously (when it's time to whip out the sandals). For years I used Aveda's foot care relief. I loved the peppermint smell and the way it healed my feet after just a few days. My only problem is that it has gotten sooooo expensive. 4.2 fl oz is $24. I really love this but man! That price is just too much for a foot cream. I was certain that I could find something that was equal for a better price. I was bound and determined to find a new foot cream.

Hold on to your seats girlies! I found one!! One of my YouTube lovelies talked about the H2O hand and nail scrub and how fantabulous it was for your hand and nails. So, I went to T.J. Maxx in search of it. I did find that hand and nail scrub but I also found the mint foot rub by H2O.

I didn't get excited right away because I've tried many foot creams this year and after a week or two, was just very disappointed. I didn't want to jump the gun and fall in love only to get heartbroken (or foot broken in this case) again.

I waited this time. I wore it for several weeks before trusting it. We've been dating for almost two months now AND I've purchased a backup one!

Yep, H2O's Targeted Care Softening Mint Foot Rub has reached favorite status. It's not holy grail yet (we've only been dating for two months!) but it's a constant companion. I don't have jacked up feet but because hate shoes and go barefoot a lot, I feel that I always need to moisturize my feet more than normal. This does the trick!

I do have to put it on and then not walk on the floor for about 5 - 10 minutes. But, that gives me an excuse to yell for the kiddo to do stuff for me. The wait does case problems because I always feel the need to wash my hands immediately. You don't want to rub your eye with this stuff on your hands. TRUST me. Learn from my mistakes people! Other than those 2 things, there aren't any downsides!

And, the best thing -- T.J. Maxx has this at $1.99 for 2 oz! That's an 80% savings! You gotta be crazy to pass this up! Full price at Kohl's is $4.00! I give this a 9 outta 10 minty stars. You will certainly be seeing this in some empties blogs.

What are you using? Do you love it? Are you going to marry it?

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