Jun 5, 2015

Quickie Review - Make Up Forever Aqua Lip Lip Liner – 2C Rosy Nude

Hey there!

I know that I said #RetractableLipPencilsForLife but I purchased this lip pencil before Christmas.

And then lost it.

And then found it!

Once I found it (after doing a happy dance) I decided to give it a good test run and see if even though I swore off of pencil lip liners, this one would make the cut.

Well, the brand did. Make Up Forever does a very creamy pencil lip liner. And it lasts a long time, probably because it’s matte. I put it on my lips as a base (not just lined my lips) and even when the lipstick wore off, the base color was there. It’s a very highly pigmented product so you can wear it alone with just a touch of balm or gloss.

Most people that reviewed the lip liner really liked the liner itself but the price turned them off. I’m inclined to agree.

The MUFE Aqua Lip has a pretty decent range of colors. I simply choose the wrong color. It’s so close to my natural color that it washes my out. It makes my lips look ashy. If I had to pick another color, I’d certainly go darker.

All in all, the pencil is nice. But, I’d probably purchase something else. At $19 a pop, it’s not worth it to me. Sephora makes a good liner for less than that.

Have you tried Make Up Forever Aqua lips? What did you think?

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