Dec 16, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Warm PJs

Hey There!

We've had some temperature dips into the 30's. I know that some folks are like, "So what? We get below 40 on a regular". Well, we don't in Atlanta and I hate it when it gets cold.

So besides cocoa, bubble baths and candles, what does a girl do? Well, I put on my warm, fuzzy pajamas and curl up with a good book, TV or (of course) YouTube videos! I love nice pajamas. My mom did that to me. She loves a good pair of pjs too. In the summer I have some really nice night gowns (some a bit risqué!) that are light weight and easy to wear at night. In the winter, I need the heavy stuff and boy do I make sure I have plenty to choose from.

My favorite pjs aren't sets. I like fuzzy or flannel pajama pants that I can mix and match with a t-shirt material top. Oddly, my bottom half gets colder than the top half. I like to get pajama pants from Target, Wal-Mart and K-Mart. Yep. Sometimes I even go to the men's section. I like my pj pants big and bulky and fun.

My lightweight tops are usually long sleeve t-shirts from Old Navy. I go a size or two up and catch the discounted ones. Sometimes they are so big that I have to wear a tank underneath. That's ok. I like for my loose t-shirts to have long sleeves that come almost to my finger tips. Hey! Hands get cold too.

I don't do slippers. I HATE having shoes or anything on my feet. If I'm wearing socks, Frosty the Snowman is actually at my house. Maybe 3 or 4 nights out of the year do I start out with socks. By midnight, I've kicked those suckers off.

And then what do I do when it's time to actually go to bed? Well, I normally trade the fuzzy bottoms for a pair of Cuddle Duds (or store like brand) long john pants and the t-shirt top for just the tank that's underneath. Then I snuggle beneath a sheet, a blanket, a comforter and then ANOTHER blanket (and that's why I have to sleep light!). I can't sleep in heavy clothes but I love to wear them around the house.

And if you come over to my place between December 24 and January 5, that is the treat that you are in for. I have several day's worth of pjs that I am soooo ready to break out.

What are you wearing to bed these days? You ready for some flannels?

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