Dec 4, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Bubble Baths

Hey There!

Do you know what my most favoritest thing in the world is? A bubble bath. There is nothing like a warm bubble bath and a cup of cocoa in the winter (and a glass of wine in all other seasons). After a hard day at work or dealing with the kids (or people that act like kids) there is nothing better. Well a hot guy to wash my back would be nice but that's on my Santa wish list. 

I know that many people have an aversion to sitting in water and letting their body soak. I don't have that issue. I love it and in all my (insert a random number here) years, I've never had any issues stemming from doing it. It relaxes me and comforts me and it can make a bad day all better and a good day great.

If you've read even 3 of my posts, you know I adore Avon Bubble Bath. I've used them for years. They have such great scents and 2 capfuls make a luxurious tub full of bubbles. They have shower gels as well but I don't gravitate towards them like I do the bubble bath. 

If I want a luxurious shower gel I reach for my Caress or drugstore off brand Caress dupes. Those shower gels are so rich and sudsy. They lull you into a good mood! They smell good and rinse off completely and leave your skin feeling very silky.

If I want to step up my shower gel, I take my little behind over to T.J. Maxx, Ross or Marshalls and get discounted Philosophy shower gels. OMG! You haven't lived until you lather with one of those. The smallest amount suds up so thick and fluffy! And they all smell so good. Do you see this Old Fashioned Egg Nog Scent? It smells like egg nog! And the Strawberry Italian Soda? You can smell the bubbles! How the heck do you smell soda bubbles? Voodoo magic I tell you.

And, I'd be thrown out of blog land if I didn't mention Bath and Body Works shower gels. I enjoy them immensely. They have several scents that I like. They come out with new ones every year and all you have to do is watch YouTube for 3 minutes and you can find out what the latest and greatest scents are. I just pulled out the three that I've been loving recently. I have a ton of them to choose from though. They are always on sale.

See, you don't have to spend a ton of cash to have luxury. Some warm water and a shower gel can make all the difference in your world.

Try it. I bet you'll like it.

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