Dec 11, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Candles

Hey There!

I don't have to tell you about my love of candles, do I? It's not like you are new to my blog, are you? Well, in case you are new, I love to have a great smelling home. There is nothing better than a fresh and fruity smelling house (except maybe a sweet, baked good smelling house). And, I'm not going to bake every day so I have to rely on plug ins, melted wax  and candles to achieve this.

In case you haven't guessed, my favorite type of candle is normally a food scent. Sweet candy scents, baked goods scents, heck a fully loaded baked potato scent would be ok (Wait....take a minute and think about that. Someone needs to go and work on that now. That would be awesome). I just enjoy a house that smells like I've been in the kitchen all day (instead of sitting on the sofa watching television or out shopping).

I try to always have scents that match the season. Right now I am burning 2 different brands of apple pie scent and finishing a Pecan Waffle candle from Wal-mart.  A few weeks ago it was Heritage Pumpkin and Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding from Bath and Body Works. All summer it was Sweet Spun Sugar from Target. You get the point. Candles change my mood. They make me happy and they make the day brighter (literally if you are using a three wick!).

A co-worker asked me where I get my candles from. So glad you asked!! I know that everyone loves Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candles but there are sooo many other places to get candles. T.J. Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, Home Goods, etc are great places to get nice candles. Wal-Mart and Target also have fantastic candles. Specialty stores are nice to pick up fancy candles for spoiling yourself or buying for gifts. And, you know when your co-worker's kids are selling items? Well, I've discovered that the candles in those catalogs are usually pretty good.

And yes, I love to give candles as gifts. There are people that don't buy candles for themselves (Can you believe it? Me neither!). With the holiday's coming up, it's fun to add a mini candle to another gift or give a large candle and a smaller gift. My family is so use to getting candles with their Christmas presents, when I don't give them candles I hear about it. And when they come to visit, if I'm not burning a candle, they wonder where I'm going.

If I'm at home, I'm burning a candle. If I'm home and awake for longer than an hour, I need to get the smell good going in my house. The flicker of light on my dresser top or the smell of goodies as I walk to the kitchen makes for a pleasant home. And who can resist a bubble bath with a sweet smelling candle (or two or three) reflecting off of the mirror?

So give me a great smelling candle with a nice room throw and I am one happy girl!

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