Aug 7, 2014


Hey there!

You see that big bag 'o stuff? Well, I decided to clean out my makeup containers a few weeks ago. I needed to downsize.

Don't yell out in shock and amazement! I know that you see NYX lip glosses and CK One mascaras. If you look close enough, you will see some items that I review and hated (Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain and Victoria Secret Metalized eye shadow).

Before I discovered that you can take items back to certain stores, I kept everything, whether I liked it or not. Before I thought about passing products that didn't work for me, along to friends and family, I just piled things in containers and hoped they'd go away.

They didn't.

They stayed right where I left them.

A few weeks ago, I got a wild hair and decided that anything I didn't love or use often had to go. That included eyeshadows, lipsticks, samples, everything. It was hard to do (in some cases) but I let go of a lot -- 2 gallon sized bags of stuff. My friends had a field day! They benefitted from my naiveté. That won't happen again (well, not in to this magnitude).

Now I know better. I know that when you shop at drug stores and those 2 big retail chains, you can return stinky mascara and moisturizers that didn't work. Moreover, I figured out ways to see what colors are the best match for my skin tone and avoid bad products BEFORE I purchase them. I decided that I wasn't going to go with things that were pretty, or items that I need to complete a set. I wasn't going to purchase all 6 of the new lip glosses in the line. I began to really research and read the reviews before going to the store. And, I decided to TRUST them!

Many of the reviews are from folks that have a makeup obsession like myself. I've learned which blogs and YouTube videos are from folks that are like me -- some are my complexion, some are my age and most tend to like what I like. If they say something doesn't work for them, I don't have to play around and think it will work for me -- especially if SEVERAL of them don't like it. And, if more than 2 people like something, I might like it too.

Even then you can end up at home with a lip gloss that is 2 shades lighter than it appears. Instead of putting them into the back of the drawer and hoping for the best, I instantly "phone a friend" and offer them the gift. I now test products with disposable wands and spatulas. Extreme I know but I try quite a few makeup products and you are bound to get some duds! This way, I can pass them along.

So folks, you should NEVER see 2 bags like this again.

Sorry Island Girl and Mel B.

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