Jun 20, 2014

Victoria's Secret Haul - Review

Top - Lip gloss (Devotion)
Bottom - Lipstick (True)

Hey there!

So Victoria's Secret is doing away with their makeup line. That means we can pick up lots of things for a steal. But, it also means if we like those things we can't get more. That's always the dilemma with these "everything's gotta go" type of sales. If you love it, you're kinda screwed.

No worries. New things come out all the time so when old things go away, it makes room. Victoria's Secret is simply making room.

Anywho, I didn't go crazy at VS. I just picked up a few things - a Color Drama Lipstick (True), a Color Quench Intense Lip Gloss (Devotion) and a Metallized eyeshadow (Gold Card). See, I didn't get a lot. But, I did get colors that looks sooo pretty.

But now, I'm kinda mad that I got any of them. Yep. I said that.
Top - Lip gloss (Devotion)
Bottom - Lipstick (True)
The lipstick is the equivalent to a lip butter. It's a patchy color that goes on and then 30 minutes later is almost gone. No lie -- 30 minutes later people. So I thought I'd just reapply a few times and that resulted in dry lips. By noon my lips felt like the Sahara Desert. I had to soak them in lip balm all afternoon.

The lipgloss is a very pretty color but it isn't very pigmented. The color looks nice on my hand but that was like 3 swipes of the wand. It doesn't last either. I used lip liner and then tried to make the color better but it's like the gloss wouldn't adhere to the liner color. Weird, huh?

The eyeshadow is a pretty color in the pot. On my eyes? No pigment. I used primer and packed it on and I got nuthin'. It wasn't a good choice in color. There's a tiny bit of color. I will give it one more try with a cream shadow underneath. But I don't have faith that it will work.

So there! I purchased three items and there is no worry that I will want to replenish and can't. I really had high hopes for this makeup line but...

...I guess there's a reason they didn't make it.

Do you have anything from the Victoria's Secret makeup line? What do you think of them?

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