Jun 1, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

CVS had a BOGO half off sale on Revlon products, so I used the opportunity to purchase the new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains in 001 India and 010 L.A. There were 8 colors at my CVS but I've seen internet displays with as many as 12 colors. The images on the web are so pretty. I had a tough time choosing between all of the gorgeous colors at my store. I wanted to add Milan, New York Scene and London Posh to my basket but I needed to try out the two I had first! You can't just buy 5 lip stains and you don't know how they will look!

Get ready to gasp folks. I don't like these lip stains.

There. I said it. I wanted to like it because everyone else does. I should have figured out by now that just because everyone else likes something doesn't mean I will. Everyone knows I'm different!

The colors are pretty but they are so streaky. It took several swipes to get the product on and even then it left streaks. Maybe this is a symptom of lip stains. If it is, I don't like it. I like a smooth glide on lip product and this didn't do it. And, it took a bit to build up, which is bad for a lip stain! You can't slather on 3 coats of lip stain. It's virtually a liquid lip color. 2 coats is really all you can do. Anything more is yukky looking and tasting!

Yes, tasting. Because I didn't realize 3 coats would be bad, I could taste the lip stain and it wasn't nice. It just made me want to take it off immediately. I tried to wear them and see how long they would last but they didn't feel good on my lips so I had to take them off and pull out my Baby Lips lip balm.

I don't often take products back. I'll exchange if I need to, but I rarely return unless I just can't work with the product. I plan on returning these. I kept them long enough to write this post and that's about all I can stand.

I hate that too because I really like Revlon lippies! I have more lipsticks and glosses by Revlon than I can count (well, I do know the number but I'll never tell). But, this pretty line will not be in my collection. I just can't do it.

Have you tried these? Did you like them? Are they like other lip stains and I'm just being crazy?

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