Jul 1, 2014


Happy July!

I tried something new during the month of June. I showed a few of my empties throughout the month. I did a post on my bubble bath empties (and some of the stuff that I was loving during the month). I thought that would help reduce the length of my empties post.

Just to review the post on bubble bath products, I have an Avon Bubble Bath - Pomegranate & Peony. It's ok but I won't be buying it again. In fact, I was kinda happy I was done with this. I also used up a Whole Foods 365 Shower Gel in Lavender. Not really a fan of this either. No plans to repurchase.

Moving from the tub to the sink, I use to have a real love for my Jergens Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash. It was my holy grail hand soap (is there such a thing?). It was in all the bathrooms and the kitchen. Then I rediscovered the Bath & Body works hand soaps and my life was forever changed. Yes, I'd still buy this one, if I couldn't get to B&BW.

Yep, you do see a razor in the mix. It's an Annie's Eyebrow razor. I don't remember what it cost because I buy several packs at a time. I go through one a month usually. I like this brand because it fits in the hand nicely. You don't want your razor to be an odd fit that close to your eyeball. Trust me. Of course I'll repurchase.

There are 2 types of facial wipes this month. I tried the L'Oreal Paris Ideal Clean Wipes and the Neutrogena Night Calming Cleansing Wipes. I already reviewed the Neutrogena wipes. Both of these wipes are normally on the expensive side. The L'Oreal were on the discount shelf at Wally World and I had a coupon so I paid about $1.50 for them. The L'Oreal Paris wipes were just ok. Neither was anything special and without a deep discount, I wouldn't purchase again.

There is an empty Lush mask. I purchased the Oatfix Fresh Face Mask. It's really one of the only ones I can use. I have some fruit and nut allergies so anything else on my face might be bad. I liked this one. It felt good, it smelled good and my face felt really soft afterwards. The only issue is that you have to keep it in the fridge so I forget about it and then it expires. This container got 3 uses before I had to toss it. I probably wasted 2 or 3 more uses.

You also see my Colgate Baking Soda & Peroxide toothpaste (I only use Colgate brand but I'll use almost anything from the line) and my Secret Powder Fresh Invisiblesolid deodorant. Both of these are staples and you'll see one or both of these in almost every empties post. There's also Clobetasol Propinate Cream - my prescription hair ointment for my seborrheic dermatitis (I ain't shamed -- well a little, but what's a girl to do?).

On the home smell good front I have candles! I purchased the For Everybody Birthday Cake Soy candle from Marshalls back in April (to light on my birthday). It smelled pretty good but not good enough to spend $5.99 for it. It didn't fill the room (like my B&BW or Target Spun Sugar candles do) and it was only a strong scent the first week or so of burning. Then it was very faint. The other candles are Bath & Body Works candles (Coconut Leaves, Garden Strawberry, Lemon Verbena and Pineapple Palm Grass). Yes, there are 2 Lemon Verbena. No, it isn't that good. I just didn't realize I picked up two of them. Garden Strawberry and Coconut Leaves are that good and I have backups of them right now.

And now you have traipsed through my trash. Nothing too exciting and maybe not interesting to anyone but me. What's in your trash can this month? What are you willing to repurchase and what will never darken your doorstep again?

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