Jul 2, 2014

Nail Polish Treatment Review

Hey there!

I have been trying 2 nail polish treatments for a while now and  I haven't been able to figure out which treatment works better on my nails. I've told my nail story before -- I have split nails that don't grow as long as they use to. I wore gel nails for about 5 months and after that my poor little nails have never been the same. So, in an effort to make them pretty for you good folks, I've been using a few treatment products underneath my polish.

My first purchase was the Sephora Formula X Nail Hydrator. It's supposed to help hydrate your nails, and improve the flexibility and strength of my nails. I picked it from Sephora for $14. I have really enjoyed using it. I saw my nails get stronger although not longer. I used 2 coats of it under all my manicures and pedicures (my toe nails, BTW are fine. They grow waaaaay more than I want them to).

So when I picked up the Revlon Treat and Boost treatment (about $5.99) from CVS during the 50% off sale, I wasn't sure that it would do anything better than what I was already using. I would use 2 coats under my manicures and pedicures just like I did with the Sephora Formula X treatment. I used it for several weeks to see if it was any better.

It wasn't.

But it wasn't any worse, either.

They are both really good products. They both put a healthy barrier between the polish and the nail and maybe that's what helps the splitting. I'm not sure. But I am sure that they both work better than I expected. My nails are healthier and even though they aren't growing as long as they use to, they are growing stronger.

So I recommend them both. The only problem is that the Revlon Treat & Boost is being discontinued. To my knowledge, Formula X is not.

So I say get the Revlon now (maybe get 2 of them) and then when you use them up, splurge and get the Formula X.

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