Jun 22, 2014

Rub A Dub Dub...What's In The Tub?

Hey there!

I like showing all my empties. I think it's fun to watch videos and I hope it's fun to read the blogs that feature what we used up during the month and if we liked it. When I watch the videos or read the blogs, I see what people thought of products and I'm able to make a decision on whether or not I want to try them.

The only problem that I found with empties is that the blog post is so long! If it takes me that long to write, I can only imagine that you have to take a Cheetos and wine break when you read it (What? No? Only me? Oh. I thought everyone did that). So, a few months ago, I pulled the facial masks out of the trash and gave them their own post. I also pulled the candles out of the trash and gave them their own review. This month I've pulled out the bath time products because well, I take a lot of baths and spend a ton of money on bathroom products. Some stuff I like, some stuff I don't. Some stuff I finished and am going to give a mini review and some stuff is just what I liked that month.

First, let's talk about what I used up. My love of Avon Bubble Bath ($5.99/24 fl. oz.) is not a secret. Because I'm in the tub so much, I like bubble baths that aren't harsh on the skin. Avon brand is not harsh at all. This scent is the Pomegranate & Peony scent. I'm not a fan. I really didn't like this one. I purchased this right before Christmas and I am just using it up! I reached for this last and I'm glad that I used it up. It wasn't horrible but I won't purchase it again.

I also finished a 365 Everyday Value (Whole Foods brand) Lavender Blend Shower Gel ($3.99/16 fl. oz.). I purchased this almost a year ago. It isn't bad, it just isn't something I reached for all the time. It gets you squeaky clean...and that's the problem. Even though the bottle states that it cleanses and softens, it doesn't soften. It gets you super clean and then you have to slather on a ton of body cream to moisturize. I like for my shower gels to have a creamy texture to them because normally a creamy texture means a moisturizing feel. This was not creamy. It smelled nice but that's the only good thing I can say about it.

Have you seen these goodies in Target? They are the I love... brand of shower gels ($1.00/3.4 fl. oz). I picked up the Cinnamon Swirl first. Because it was only a dollar, I didn't have high hopes. Then I tried it. It smells like red hots! I know...the orange color throws you off but the scent really represents cinnamon well. And, it lathers well. It's not great but it's good. The next week I picked up Chocolate & Orange. Have you ever tasted one of those orange and chocolate candies that's in the shape of an orange? That's what this one smells like. I like this one too. For $1.00 these are definitely worth the purchase.

And what has been my power bath gel this month? Tone's Petal Soft Moisturizing Pink Peony & Rose Oil Body Wash. This creamy body wash has a light rose sent. It's not one of those overly scented body washes. And the lather is really nice. It's a pearlescent pink color and you only need a little bit. I've used other Tone body washes and the good folks at Tone seems to know what they are doing.

So what have you been using this month? Does it lather well? Does it smell really good? Or, are you just trying to use it up?

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