Apr 17, 2014

Jordana Easyliner For Eyes

So why should we leave all the Jordana love for the mascara and eyeshadow singles? Let's give some love the Jordana eyeliners too.

I use the Jordana Easyliners all the time but this week they went on sale at Walgreens and when I went to stock up, I remembered that I hadn't reviewed them for you. Let me preface by giving my general review of all liners on me. I like a liner that gives a good 5- 7 hours of very little movement from the bottom waterline. I don't mind some movement but if I can't get at least 4 - 5 hours, then I'm not impressed. I like color payoff. I'm a neutral eyeshadow girl but my waterline is wild and sassy. I'll rock a purple eyeliner with no problem. And, it has to have hypoallergenic qualities. My eyes are super sensitive. It doesn't have to SAY hypoallergenic, but one little itch and in the trash you go.

So I think the Jordana Easyliners are very good. They last for most of the work day. At about hour 6 or 7 they begin to transfer to the bottom lash line. That would probably bother most people but for an hour or two, the transfer just looks like I meant to apply it there and that doesn't bother me. By the end of the day though, I'm ready to remove it because the transfer begins to go past the bottom lash line but who amongst us needs makeup on for 10 hours?

And the color spectrum is amazeballs! They have 13 gorgeous colors. I only own 6 of them. Oddly enough I do not own the black one. Well, not odd -- I don't like black eyeliner that much. It's a bit harsh on me. I do have Smokey, Eggplant, Coffee Bean, Brown Suede, Denim Blue and Purple Fusion. Out of those, Eggplant and Purple Fusion are my favorite.

These liners aren't super creamy but they are soft. They glide on your waterline very well and don't tug at your waterline. I'm not a fan of pencils so the fact that they are retractable is a plus. The color of the barrel accurately displays the color inside and the because the cap on all of the colors is gold, I can distinguish them from other liner brands in my collection.

You should go out and get them! For $1.99 ($1.39 on sale) you really can't beat it.

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