Apr 2, 2014

Mascara March

I spent the second half of March playing with mascara. Originally, I was supposed to have 5 to play with but some kinda way I ended up trying 7 mascaras. I also had 1 #mascarafail. If you didn't see the first half of Mascara March, make sure you take a peek!

First of all, I have no idea what I used first or last. I just remembered what I liked.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous, .22 fl oz - BigLots - $3.00 - I was surprised that this was at Big Lots. I thought that I had just seen it in Wal-Mart. But, because I saw it for $3 instead of $6.94 (Walmart.com) or $7.99 (Buymebeautiful.com), I went ahead and picked one up. Very nice! The wand is a bit weird and I did get mascara on the bridge of my nose (I know) but that is probably user error. I did get length but not fullness. I'm a fullness girl so while length is nice, I really want fullness. Even if this wasn't a discontinued item, I probably wouldn't repurchase. I'll keep using this one though.

Milani Total Lash Cover Mascara with 3 Zone Brush, 0.42 fl oz - CVS - $4.99 - This is a pretty mascara. The wand is all pink and yellow and the tube is black with pink metallic writing and a pink metallic top. I was very excited to try this one. There is a define zone, build zone and curl zone of the brush. I was excited until I poked the crap out of my tightline area. Jeeze! I understand what the purpose of the brush is but it doesn't work because mascara covers the color so you can't really see the bristle difference. And, because you can't see the brush, you don't know if you are defining, building or curling. Oh, the transfer is fierce. I looked like a raccoon by 6pm (the time I get home and take off my makeup). I would not repurchase this one and it is going in the trash.

e.l.f. Mineral Infused Mascara, .28 fl oz - Marshalls - $2.39 - This is probably one of the worst mascaras I tried this month. First, the wand is terrible! It's the flimsiest thing ever. Q-tips are stronger than this wand. I liked the look of the brush but it gave me basic, school girl lashes. I had to use 3 coats to get any length and there was NO fullness. I don't know what mineral this is infused with but they need to infuse it with more. This is going STRAIGHT into the trash.

Lancôme Définicils Mascara, .07 fl oz.- Birthday Gift frm Sephora - $0 - It's just a regular mascara. It adds color and a tiny bit of length. There is a bit of minor transfer but very minimal. The brush was nice and normal but the mascara did nothing for me. I would never purchase this for the full $27.50 price tag. I'll keep this around for bare face Saturdays.

CoverGirl Flammed Up Mega Curl Mascara, .37 fl oz. - Walmart - $5.94 - I really liked the wand on this one! It's nice, 'smallish' and easy to use. This mascara gave me pretty, long lashes and there was no transfer. I also got nice fullness, not great fullness, but nice. This is a keeper! I might actually purchase this one again. I think this is the first one of the month that I would purchase again.

Jordana BestLash Extreme Volumizing Mascara, .3 fl oz. - Walgreens - $3.19 - Holy Grail. It is still the winner. If you haven't tried this mascara, you really are missing out. It lengthens, it gives fullness to your lashes that you wouldn't believe. I tried this out about 9 months ago because one of the folks on YouTube (can't remember who) mentioned that it was a good dupe for Benefit's They're Real Mascara. I love They're Real. They do wonderful things for your lashes, but remember I told you that I wear glasses. They're Real hits my lenses. Jordana BestLash gives just enough length and fullness to make my lashes sexxxxy without messing up my lenses. If I wore contacts, I'd pay the $23 for They're Real, honestly, I would. Right now, I just pay the $10 for the small one and wear it on special occasions. My all time fave -- BestLash! It's the best $3.19 you'll ever spend.

So, what did I learn from Mascara March? Well, lot's of mascaras make lots of claims. You can spend lots of money trying them all out. But, it's probably best to stick with a good one when you find it.

I found 2.

I'm going to stick with those.

Oh! That 7th mascara? Almay One Coat Get Up And Grow. I never got to test it because...

Yeah, total mascara fail!

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