Apr 16, 2014

Birth Day Off

With your permission, I'd like to take the day off. Why? Because it's my birthday!

I thought about "putting one in the can" and having a review of something else that I love but I decided that I'd publish a little early ( a lot early), take the day off, go shopping and then have a nice birthday haul! Yes ma'ams (and maybe sirs) I got some shopping plans! I have some coupons and some discount codes and I've been saving some dough!

But before I take the evening off, I did want to say thank you to the folks that take a peek at my little blog each day. I really do enjoy having a forum to talk about how I feel about different makeup products. I love playing in makeup just as much as you do. You should talk about what you think of different products too! The comment button works --  you can use it! I won't bite! Let's talk about it!

So yes, folks. As this goes live on 4-16-2014, this lady is off shopping or eating with family or getting a mani/pedi or something! I'll Instagram the day so you can stay in the loop. Tell me about your day too!

I can tell you one thing though; it will be a wonderful day! I just know it. For me and for you too!

Have a good day folks and if it's your birthday, have a great birthday! Eat lots of cake and drink a glass of wine too (you know, if you're old enough)!

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