Sep 1, 2015

#HealthierIsHappier Exchange

Hey There!

I got a special email from Zoya nail polish!! It’s the #HealthierIsHappier Exchange! time. In case you don't know, this is when Zoya allows you to trade in your old nail polish for 50% off of new BIG5FREE polish (the link explains what to do). I use this opportunity to get rid of old crusty polish, colors that didn't work, brands that I no longer like...that sort of thing. You can bet that I already have colors in my shopping cart ready to be traded in.

And I researched these colors carefully. I have quite a bit of polish so I don't want to get colors like the colors I already have. But, over the years I have come to really enjoy Zoya polishes so I'm okay with swapping out colors. I also enjoy the Zoya nail polish remover (when you spend $30 you get a free 2 oz!!). It doesn't dry out my nails. Even though it's a bit pricey ($9.99 for 8oz, $25 for 32 oz) I still use this one on my finger nails.
Photo credit: Zoya website
So, the very first thing I did was check out the new Fall 2015 Focus & Flair polishes. I almost purchased the mini set for $42 but I really only wanted Cinnamon, the warm, syrupy, shimmery chocolate color. Tris was pretty (a bold grey shade) but I purchased the OPI Fifty Shades of Grey mini set and then 509 other grey colors followed suit. So, instead of paying for 5 colors I won't use, I'm just interested in the 1 color that I will use. I also checked out the Focus portion and loved the crèmes in the set but I wanted to get some lighter shades.
Photo credit: Zoya website

I ordered Mia, a soft, warm pink that leans brown. It's the shade that I've been loving this summer. I also ordered Perrie and Charisma which are lilac, purpley shades. They are my jam when it comes to fingers or toes!
Photo credit: Zoya website
Paloma is a deeper purple shade but I knew that I wanted it for my toes. The first time I saw it I knew that was going to be so fantastic on my feet. I kinda wish that I had this one for the summer but it's okay. I'll have it soon.
Photo credit: Zoya website
I also picked out India for my toes. Do you see the sparkle? I can't even describe this color. I can't! It's beyond amazing. This color has to live in my house. It just has to!

Photo credit: Zoya website 

Madeline and Coco and two warm cocoa shades that I had to have. I love pinky chocolates. I mean I get giddy about pinky chocolates. They melt into and mix and mingle so well with my complexion. If I have a favorite shade of nail polish it would be pinky chocolates. Then pinky purples. Sighhhhh. In love. 
Photo credit: Zoya website
And yes, I plan on purchasing everything in my shopping cart (Friday, when I get paid. You know how that works). And yes, I plan on shipping my old polished back in. I have 8 old, crusty, unused, unloved polishes ready to send back. If I didn't have the Zoya exchange I'd trash them.

And that's not right!

So, have I convinced you to send Zoya your old polish and trying some new polishes? If you've ever wanted to try their polishes, this is the time! Do it!

(Side note. No, Zoya didn't pay me at all for this post. No, I didn't get anything free or discounted other than the same way you can get it discounted. Zoya doesn't even know I exist. I like nail polish and Zoya is one of my top 5 brands. I enjoy their polish and LOVE their nail polish remover. When I see a sale, I like my good people know about it. When Zoya is BOGO or in any way $5, I jump on it!).

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