Jul 9, 2015

Nail Polish Change

Hey there!

It’s nail polish time! I finally figured out where my Sally Hansen Fast-Dri Top Coat was. I am able to put my hand on my cuticle oil. I have buffers. Let’s get to it!

I wanted to try 2 of my newest “friend gift” polishes. A very sweet co-worker gave me three nail polishes and they were such pretty colors that I knew it was time to try them out.

I wanted to begin with my Zoya polish in Shay. It’s a beautiful champagne cream color. It’s perfect for weddings, offices, or the person that wants to keep it subtle. It’s a very nice color. But, it can be streaky if not applied with great care. And, I think it requires a really good top coat. I probably need to pick up the Zoya top coat and see if that makes a difference with Zoya polishes. However, this particular color is a keeper. I’ll be using it often.

Because a girl needs a pop of color, I decided to use the Ruffian Nail Lacquer in Fox Hunt on my ring fingers. It’s a burnt orange with a very delicate trace of shimmer. Man, is it pretty! I almost wish I had put it on all my fingers now. It went on like a dream and looks so pretty against my complexion. I’ve gotten a ton of complements on it.

Side note - You are probably wondering why you don’t see nail swatches. Well, I broke ALL my nails when I moved. I didn’t think anyone wanted to see the craziness.

And can we talk about the toes? Ok, I get it now. Getting a pedicure is a nice, pampering treat and then at some point it goes from a treat to a must have. I decided to save a few dollars this month and do the nail trimming myself. HUGE mistake! Sighhhh. I’ll let the nice people at the salon do it from now on.

Now, I'm good with painting my tootsies. It's really ok if I color outside the lines. In a day or two, normal wear and tear will make them alright. But, to clip your own nails? They should demand that you get a degree, some counseling or at the very least, a permit of some sort.  Needless to say, I did a terrible job and that is why you won’t see the toes.

But, I will tell you about the color on my toes. I used the Zoya mini in Marion. It’s a metallic purple color that looks so cute in the bottle. Well, it doesn’t look quite as cute on my toes. I’ve had it on for about 36 hours and I’m ready to change the color. It’s terrible against my complexion and just does nothing to enhance my feet. I will not be using this color again.

Its ok thought. I have a lot of polishes waiting to be used. This weekend I’ll just move it along and try some new colors.

What nail varnish have you been dipping your nails in this month? Are you going with strictly summer colors or whatever the heck you want to use?

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