Jul 8, 2015

Makeup Man Down!

Hey there!

Ok, I'm ready to talk about it now. It's taken me a month to deal with it and now, well now, I can talk to you about it.

I had a makeup causality during the move. I want to blame the movers but I probably packed it incorrectly.

It's more of a makeup sprain I guess but it hurts just the same.

My Betty-Lou Manizer broke.

Yes! Go ahead and cry with me! It broke. I mean, it didn't break into itty bitty tiny pieces never to be used again. It broke a small portion in the top part of the pan. I can totally keep using it but my feelings are hurt!

Have you ever used the Betty-Lou Manizer luminizing bronzer? It's the best. I use this as my "disco bronzer". When I'm going out and my face has to have a dewey glow, this is the bronzer I reach for. It gives a "Why yes, I have been dancing but this is a natural flush" look. If I am going out and sit by the pool or spend the day shopping with the ladies and want to look cute, I pop this on. It gives a great "Oh, no. No I am not wearing makeup. I just always have this sun kissed glow", glow. I wear this sucker out. That's why opening it to put it on and having it all fall out all over my bathroom counter was painful. It took the air out of my sails, I tell you.

But it's ok. I still have enough to keep my cheeks happy. Even though I've cried a bit, I have to be brave and strong. I still have enough to use.

And, it's just makeup. I shouldn't feel that strongly about broken face bronzer, right?

Ok, I take that back. I didn't mean it. I do feel strongly about it.

And if I can't use what I have, I'll just have to buy some more.

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