Jun 26, 2015

The Gift of Polish

Hey there!

I have some very sweet coworkers. One of my kinsmen from the old country gifted me with nail polish. She heard me speak of my obsession with nail polish and while she may not have understood it, she felt that it was ok to aid in my crazy and pass along polish that she wasn’t using. I just love her!

2 of the polishes are ones that I am very familiar with. She gave me a Zoya mini ($5, zoya.com) in the shade Shay and a Flower ($4.98 Walmart) polish in the color Evening Primrose. I have used Zoya polishes before and I am very aware of how much I enjoy their application and longevity. I’ve never used Flower polishes but if they are anything like their makeup products then I am going to love this one just as much.

Shay is a pearlescent cream color that is going to be beautiful. It’s a wonderful nude color that is perfect for weddings or office environments that frown upon too much color. It’s one of those colors that is great in the spring, summer, fall and winter. You can’t go wrong with it.

Evening Primrose is a pearlescent forest green. It appears to be a fun green that is best suited for fall or winter BUT you can pull it off any time really. If you are wearing a power suit, this can be your pop of color on your fingers and/or toes!

The third polish was one that I had never heard of before - Ruffian Nail Lacquer in Fox Hunt ($10 birchbox.com).  Ruffian appears to be a bring that can be found in a Birchbox or on their website. I also came across a mention by Nail It! Magazine. The color is pretty. It’s a burnt orange that are going to make my toes stand out! It is a perfect beach color. I don’t know about the wear but the reviews seem to be very favorable.

I like when people indulge my crazy. We all know that I have 998 nail polishes (NOT really!) and that 3 more will put me a true hoarder status. But you know you love it just as much as I do!

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