Jul 7, 2015


Hey there!

As I always say with you good people, indulge me just a little bit. Give me a slight bit of leeway here. Instead of my normal blog posts about makeup or house decor or outfits of the day, I'd like to talk about #LocalEats.

Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon with the kiddo, my younger sister, and my nephew. I always want to call her my baby sister but she is hardly a baby! She is married with children of her own so... Anywho, we had a fantastic Sunday afternoon shopping and giving my nephew as many kisses as I possibly could. We stopped at a local restaurant to have some lunch and I told her about me and the kiddo's plan to ear our way through our new town. I also mentioned I was having trouble coming up with a hash tag for my Instagram account for this little adventure and she helped me hash tag my restaurant project.

I alluded to my restaurant project a few weeks ago. Because the kiddo and I moved, we have a whole new territory to explore. We try to drive around a little bit each weekend. We see what stores are nearby. We have registered at the local library. We’ve checked out almost all the new grocery stores. And, we have plans to try out the restaurants in our new area. There are a TON of them. The kiddo and I are foodies so we are ready to dig in and learn all about the restaurants near us.

So far we've been to 4 new restaurants. Yes, just 4. We aren't trying to break the bank and we've been busy trying to unpack all the boxes and make the house presentable. But, as we lurk around our new surroundings, we will stop and have some meals. And, we will not make them the run of the mill, “everybody always eats here” places. We will make sure they are new and exciting!

Well, we will make sure they have food. You don’t know how fun and exciting they are until you sit down at a table.

So, like I said, we’ve been to 4 local eateries and 2 of them were pretty good, 1 was just ok and the other was gosh darn awful. 50% isn’t bad for a start. They could have all been horrible so we’ve been fortunate. And, we’ve found that the local grocery stores are fantastic! You don’t have to eat our quiet as much when you can get fun, new, exciting things from the grocery stores.

And guess what?! You can join us on the journey. On my Instagram page, I’ll hashtag #LocalEats every time we go out. I’ll post a picture of a few menu items that we order. I’ll also put what number the restaurant is and what it had to offer.

If I decide to post about, I’ll also include the #LocalEats so that you can move past it if it doesn’t interest you.

But seriously, why wouldn’t food interest you?

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