Jul 3, 2015


Hey there!

Wow! Do you see this bin o' empties? I can't remember the last time I had that much stuff to throw away! It's like I really concentrated on using up products.

Ok, so I did do that.

I finished an Avon Bubble Bath in Orange & Honeysuckle. It's a really nice scent. It's not strong and as always bubbles up very nicely. I don't think I'd purchase it again. I haven't used my Avon lady for a long while and I've been playing with other bubble baths. Also, I've been bubbling up with my Lush products and really like the Lush Bubble Bars.

I finished several shower gels. Yes, I did it on purpose. I had sooo many half used bottles that I needed to try to use up what I could. I finished a bottle of Nivea Moisturizing Body Wash Touch of Happiness in Orange Blossom. This smelled great. I loved the scent. I felt fresh and clean afterwards. This one is definitely on my repurchase list. I also finished a Nivea Touch of Serenity mini body wash in Hibiscus Blossom. It smelled nice but the consistency wasn't my favorite. It was too creamy, if that makes sense. It took a lot to lather up and if it didn't lather it would fall of the towel. Crazy. I got this in a subscription box and I wouldn't purchase it.

I also got an Olay Fresh Outlast Cooling White Strawberry shower gel in a subscription box. It smelled great, lathered well and I'd certainly repurchase it. There was also a Bath & Body Works shower gel mini in Moonlight Path. I love this scent. I have a full size and the mist. It smells sexy. Philosophy Have a Cherry Christmas did not smell sexy. If you simply sniff it, it smells like a cherry dream. When you put it on your body, it stinks.

I finished another of my holy grail face wipes Wet n Wild Under The Sheets. You know the deal. These are amaze balls. I used up a Secret Deodorant. No secret there. And, there is an empty Crest Tartar Protection toothpaste. Love it. I also finished a Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. I like it pretty well. I've repurchased another one in a slightly different formula. I'm on the hunt for something better though, so don't get attached.

I used up two Ogx products. I used a Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo and Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Conditioner. They were ok but not the best Ogx products that I've used. I probably won't try them again. I also have to toss a bottle of Almond oil. A few days ago I did a post on essential body oils and I realized I've had this particular bottle for quite a while. So I did a quick sniff test and, yeah, it went rancid. I will, of course, repurchase it though.

Another item that went rancid is my bareMinerals Loud & Clear lip sheer in Berry Remix. I got this as a promotional item. I kinda think that it was already bad when I got it. I also tossed an Aquaphor tube because it went all liquidy. My bag of facial buff sponges did not go rancid or liquidy. It went empty. Love using them to exfoliate a few times a week.

So that's all the craziness that is going on in my trash can! Quite a bit, I dunno, maybe what I always have. It just seems like a lot.

What did you use this month? Was it a lot or about the same? Anything interesting? Tell us about it!

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