Jun 30, 2015

Essential Oils

Hey there!

I always keep essential oils on hand. They have so many great uses. I began using essential oils about 3 years ago when I started making hand moisturizers for my nail care and hair oil. I purchased some almond oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil. I googled and researched and figured out what I needed and why I needed it. After that, I made sure I had all of the essential oils that I could find a use for. And trust me -- there are a 1001 uses for essential oils.

Depending on the time of year (and what I am attempting to do and the phase of the moon and how much hair I have on my big toe), I rotate my favorite essential oils. There are certain ones that I always keep on hand for different reasons. But, there are also certain ones that I keep on hand for certain seasons.

This weekend I had to pick up a new container of Vitamin E oil. I have a scar on my face from a cyst issue earlier in the year. I do use cocoa butter on my body to lighten dark spots but recently, my dermatologist told me that cocoa butter on the face can clog pores. Well, that won't do. That's part of the cyst problem! So, I picked up some more Vitamin E oil because my older one was, well, old.

One of my favorite oils is what I call a "mixer oil". I love almond oil. It smells soooo good on its own and it has a myriad of uses. The oil itself has several vitamins in it and it's great for healthy skin. You can also use it to remove makeup but I find that it clouds my eyes when I get too close to them so I just don't. Because it smells good, I often use it in scrubs as a base oil.

My favorite essential oil for relaxing is Lavender oil. If you think you need something to help you sleep, take a sniff of lavender. It's so nice. Sometimes I steam a bit of water and add some drops of lavender and inhale. So nice. You can add some drops to your bath water it will help you relax.

There are so many more oils that I keep on hand. I'd spend the next 3 blog posts telling you about everything. There are also several brands, several storage methods and shelf lives for essential oils. I'll have to tell you about them one day.

For now, I just want to quickly give you 3 of my faves, why they are my faves and why you should have them in your starter kit.

Do you currently use essential oils? Is it something you've ever thought about?

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