Jul 4, 2015

Does it make scents?

Hey There!

I almost added all of these smell goods in my empties post yesterday. But, I figured that post was already too full. Besides, if you only wanted to read about one or the other, you could choose instead of read about everything.

But most of you want to read about them both, huh?

I am finishing up my Glade Plug-in scents. I mentioned a while back that I switched over to the Bath & Body Works wall flowers because they seem to have a better room throw than the Glade Plug-ins. I did have some plug-ins left, so I wanted to use them up. These are the Something Sweet Cotton Candy scent double pack. I love cotton candy scent but you have to be right next to the plug-in to smell them. Too bad because if they had a better room throw my entire house would smell like cotton candy 24-7.

Mentioning B&BW wall flowers, I have 2 empty wall flowers. I finished a Pineapple Mango and a Sunset Beach. Both are fantastic scents. Sunset Beach was fruity and sweet. I was expecting it to be more of a outside, sunshine smell. Instead it reminded me of a tropical drink. I've repurchased and I'm using the new Pineapple Mango one already. I actually have purchased quite a few wall flower scents. Bath & Body Works kept having sale after sale on them so I stocked up. That mean you will continue to see them.

I also finished a Bath & Body Works mini candle in Honolulu Sun. It smelled very fresh and clean. It burned well and I enjoyed it. I'd actually purchase the full size of this. When the next super sale comes along, I'll think about it.

And I finished a Yankee Candle Home Classics Sunsweet Melon candle. I purchased this one to decorate my bathroom. It sat in my bathroom for about 2 years before I began to burn it. That's probably why this wasn't a super strong scent. It was a nice, subtle melon scent. The only problem that I had is the same problem that I always have with Yankee Candles. The room throw is nonexistent. You have to be right up on their candles in order to smell them. I don't buy them anymore.

And that's what my house has been smelling like. I mentioned last month that my allergies have started to subside so I have been pulling my candles and smell goods back out. Get ready for the summer scents!

What had your house been smelling like? 

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