Jun 4, 2015

Self Care Revisited

Borrowed, with love, from Instagram

Hey there!

I can’t find my ice cream scoop.

I know it’s not major but to the kiddo it is super major.

I’ve been without internet for 7 days and have been fighting with one of the only service providers in the area to get my service correct.

I’m not happy cause that means I don’t get to talk to you good people every day.

If you are like me you plan and then over plan for things (like a move) and sometimes things don’t fall into place. Sometimes things go so far out of your control you are standing there just begging for mercy.

And, you don’t know what to do.

About a month ago I began my morning quiet time. Every morning, without fail, I wake up (go potty and then brush my teeth, cause stinky breath ain’t gonna cut it) and read from an inspirational book for 15 or so minutes. Right now I’m reading from Joyce Meyer’s, Hearing from God Each Morning: 365 Daily Devotions. It’s just the book I chose, I’m not telling anyone else that they have to read it.

What I am saying is that without my morning quiet time, I probably would have had a melt down by now. Moving across town is quite an ordeal! Combine that with a kid that is graduating from high school and figuring out what she should do next in life. Man! All of that could put you in the hospital if you let it!

But I haven’t let it.

Instead, I chose to have quiet time each day. I chose to sit down and breathe and read and think about what I’ve read. I don’t look at social media first. I don’t unpack a box first. I don’t do anything until I’ve gotten my mind right.

I’ve talked about my time that I spent with Oprah (ok, me and several thousand others during the Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend) and I’ve been taking what I learned in chunks and applying it to my life. I’ve changed my blog to more of a lifestyle type blog instead of just makeup. I’ve changed the way I look at dating (that’s another post for another day people). I’ve changed the way I treat myself and providing “self care”. I’ve change the way I handle friends and family.

And, I still have a lot of work to do.

But this was my latest step. I’ve added my quiet time/medication time/alone time with God – whatever you want to call it. I’ve added “me time” to morning. The people around me are probably thankful. I cuss a lot less, I might fuss a tiny bit less. I certainly stress less.

It’s almost the midpoint of this year. Are you taking deep, cleansing breaths each morning? Are you doing things for yourself? You should. Self care is always important.

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