Apr 8, 2015


Hey there!

That only sounds extreme if you've never had a barely sharpened lip pencil scrape the top layer of skin off of your lips. Pencil lip liners. I use to think I could make them work. The first couple of them did a pretty decent job. Then I got to some that sucked. After my last batch of wooden lip pencils from Sephora, I gave up. 

I had also given up on Sephora lip pencils in general. My crazy logic was that if one thing in their line was crappy, another one (of the same product type) was probably crappy too. Well, I was wrong. 

I went into the store because I wanted to try a Makeup Forever lip pencil but the store was out of stock. My backup plan was to try the tester in store and then order online. But, I wasn't at a free standing store. I was at my J.C. Penny Sephora. You know my JCP Sephora girls got my back! One of my ladies suggested the Sephora Waterproof Retractable lip liner in a similar shade. She said that it was cheaper, just as creamy and lasted (in her opinion) a bit longer. So, because I trust my JCP Sephora girls, I picked up the color 03 Natural.

WOW! It was creamy and smooth and very pigmented. It didn't bleed and lasted a long time. I used it as a liner and as a base and in both cases I fell in love. It was great. The pencil also has a smudge brush on the other side. I don't use smudgers so...

Over all this was a huge difference from the Sephora wooden pencils that I tried over the holidays. Sephora currently has 11 shades and at $13, I plan on picking at least two of these bad boys up!

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