Jun 9, 2015

No Buy - Body Lotion

Hey There!

This. Is. Ridiculous! In the unpacking process, I pulled out 22 tubes of hand lotion. And no, that doesn't include the full size bottles of Jergens and Suave lotions that I keep in the bathroom and next to the bed (5).

Twenty Two!!

I'm too lazy to even use lotion half of the durn time! You heard me! It almost pains me to reach over and slather lotion all over my body. If this is the case, how on earth do you end up with 22 of them? 22 + 5? Well, I have won the prize and amassed at least 27 lotions that I don't use most of the time.

How did this happen? Well, so glad you thought to ask that question. The first bottles of Suave lotion were coupon finds (because before that the kiddo and I shared a bottle or two of lotion). I ended up with 4 or 5 bottles of it. Then I sniffed Jergens and decided I liked that much better and ended up with 4 or 5 bottles of that.

From there I decided that I needed purse sized lotions. And, well, it's hard to find the perfect sized purse lotion! They might be too big or too small or the lid might open. It was a delicate process.

And then, you'd come upon a great smelling lotion and you had to get it. Or, someone would recommend a lotion and you had to try it. Or, you'd get one in a beauty box or hotel room. You get the picture.

Most of them are smaller purse lotions. I got some of them from the Dollar Tree (Stunner & Too Much). They were watery and smell really strong. I got a small one from Ulta (OPI Avojuice in Ginger Lily) and one from a hotel that I stayed in (True Blue Spa, Grin & Bare It). I definitely have to use those up. All those tiny ones have got to go!

I have big ones, mainly from Bath & Body Works. I am currently hoarding Energy Orange Ginger Body Cream, Napa Autumn Blackberry Body Cream and Velvet Sugar Body Cream. And no, that doesn't include the two, 2 oz containers of Black Cherry Merlot and Pink Chiffon.

Besides my three Jergens lotions and my Suave lotion, the rest of them are random drugstore, beauty box and end cap lotion finds. Not that it matters. It's still 27 lotions that I shouldn't have had. I should have had, what -- maybe 6 or 7 at the most? Maybe 9.

So what's my plan? Well, I'm going to slather my body in hydrating goodness from now on. I'm going to make sure that I take the time to use some of these delightful treats that I've left to go rancid.

And I'm not going to buy any more until I've used these up.

Yep, you heard me! I'm on a lotion no buy until I have used TEN of these up. After that, when I use three minis, I can purchase 1 mini. If I use three large sizes, I can buy 1 large size. But, I will not purchase ANY more until 10 of these bad boys are done.

Because this is insane.

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