May 3, 2015


Hey there!

I know that I say it every month but, I didn't use a lot of product this month. Oh, sure, I used bath products because everyone has to stay clean. But, other than that it was a lean month. Not sure why but oh well!

I only finished one Avon Bubble Bath (2 for $9.99). I used up a Frosted Winterberry bubble bath. I think it's a seasonal one and it was pretty nice but I won't go stalking it. If I find another one I'll buy it. If not, c'est la vie! I also used a Sonoma Spa Bubble Bath in Lavender ($2.97). I liked it pretty well. It smelled light and fresh like you'd think lavender would smell, so I was pleased and have already repurchased it.

I finished a sample size of the Caress Fine Fragrances body wash in Adore Forever. It was very nice, lathered super well but the fragrance was strong. It really is like bathing with a perfume. While I liked it, I'd prefer a softer scent.

This month's plastic bag contained a Lush Fizzy Bath Bomb in Fluffy Egg ($5.95). The Lush website calls it an "Easter egg-shaped", "Candy-scented fizzer"-- vanilla cotton candy is what they say. It is sweet smelling, I'll give them that. And it fizzes like no body's business. I don't know that I'd say vanilla cotton candy scent though. I'd just say sweet. The tub turned bright pink and while I wanted to show you the picture of it...I decided against it. I used the whole thing in one go and over all I'd say it was worth it. I'd purchase it again.

I didn't finish these face wipes. These Olay Fresh Effects Deluxe Make-up Removal Cloths ($4.69) turned my face red and itchy. I should have known. Olay products don't play well with my skin. I wanted them to work but nope! I didn't even finish for fear of severe damage.

And I used up two of my regulars. For toothpaste this month, I used Crest Tartar Protection Whitening Cool Mint Paste. I always use a tartar control paste from either Crest or Colgate. I like paste over gel and cool mint over the other flavors. I don't think my teeth were any whiter than normal but no one said my breath was stinky. I also used a Bic Soleil 3 blade razor with a moisturizing strip. I don't know if the third blade makes a difference under my arm but I didn't like that moisturizing strip, that's for sure. It serves no purpose in my book and I don't plan to seek it out. Plan 2 blade Bic razors are just fine with me!

So I'm ready to toss the stuff in the big green tub and add the stuff I've already used up in May! Maybe there will be more stuff. Who knows?!

Did you have some real winners in your empties this month? Did you repurchase a lot of the stuff that you tossed or did you bid them good riddance and try something else? Do you recommend something new?

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