May 2, 2015

Derby Days

Hey There!

I'm so sorry that today's post is late. Do you want to know why it's late? Derby Days!!
This hat and this dress are amazing!
Yep, I went to a Kentucky Derby Party at a local bar. It was fancy folks, super fancy. The men were in their best seer sucker suits and the ladies had on their finest sundresses. The hats were to die for. I captured some super fancy ones and some simple but amazing ones. The room closed at 200 people, more than half being women -- most of them wearing hats. That was about 125 hats I got to drool over.

And I did drool. It was fantastic.

Part of the reason I drooled was because the Mint Julep I had (using on the best bourbon ever, I'm told, Woodford Reserve) was STRONG! I had to ask for more simple syrup and waited till the ice melted before I could really drink it. I'm not complaining but I did not ask for another drink, I tell you that! I nursed that baby all afternoon.
Small but might hat. Perfectly divine!
And the food was good. We had hot brown (well, I didn't), deviled eggs, cucumber sandwiches and pecan pie that was very, very good. A magnificent crust, if I might say so! The buffet was replenished constantly so I was able to eat until I was full (and I needed to because of that stiff drink!).

And of course, we watched the Derby puppy picks before the race and they were right! American Pharaoh won just like those adorable puppies predicted! Isn't it something?
I am so jealous of this hat!
The ostrich plume is fantastic!
I had a great time folks. 3 hours of partying for 2 minutes and 20 seconds of racing! Good job! Again, I'm sorry the post is late but...

Well, you know!
I don't normally post full pics of myself
but isn't this hat everything?!

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