May 4, 2015

Shoe Of The Day - Unisa Loula2

Hey there!

I mentioned yesterday that I went to a Derby Days and I spent a good bit of time looking for the perfect accessories for the event. I wanted to be casual cute (and nailed it!). I had a cute black and white maxi dress and an huge, oversized black fascinator on my head so I wanted cute, simple flats with a pop of something.

So, I dropped by a DSW in the neighborhood that I'm moving to (cause I'm already mentally moved!) and found these gorgeous babies.

They are by Unisa and they are the Loula2 shoe in silver. They were the perfect complement to my dress and because they were so comfortable, I was able to stand and walk and enjoy my day without my feet getting tired.

Sometimes I have issues with thong sandals being too wide across the top of my foot. Not these babies! They were the perfect fit. And that piece in-between the toes? It didn't hurt a bit. Sometimes the plastic that's in-between the toes is killer and really hurts but not with these. It was smooth sailing.

The "Compare to" price was $60. Ummm, no. The original price was $44.95. Still a big no. $22.48 plus $5 DSW birthday money off ($17.48), yes, please! That's the life!

So I loved these shoes. They were too cute, too comfortable and too perfect for words! I will be wearing these a lot!

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