Apr 4, 2015

Tru Beauty Wand

Hey there!

It really is appropriate that I talk about a magical wand this close to my birthday. So, tada! I present to you the magical Tru Beauty Wand!

I always like to get the last drop of everything! When I cook I want every bit of sauce out of jars or whatever. So, when I saw this baby at Marshall's, I knew that I wanted to try this out.

I had just put my L'Oreal serum bottle in the green tub o'empties and I quickly dug it back out to see if I could keep some of that really expensive product. I dug and scraped and was doing well (2 more uses!) until the rubber tip broke.

I was kinda sad but not really. I was scrapping hard and what did I expect for $4.99? But, I super glued it back on and got 1 more used out of the "empty" bottle. I had to been a bit gentler but it still worked.

The verdict? I wouldn't purchase THIS ONE, but I would purchase one that was a single piece. I think you need that ability to use a bit more pressure than I did once I super glued it back together. You need to be able to have a more spatula like grip and just like those one piece spatulas working best, you need a one piece mini-spatula for this.

Now, I wouldn't pay more than about $10 - $15 bucks but I do believe that between skincare, foundations, creams and correctors, the average person would see their money back within 6 months. Someone that is religious about their skincare use? 4 months. A makeup junkie like me? 3 months.

This might not be your cup of tea. You might be ready to toss the "empty" bottle and call it a day. $9.99 may not be worth it to you. For me? This just proved that I need to purchase a really good one. I toss quite a bit thinking, "Man! There's another 2 or 3 uses in there!". This taught me that I'm right. So, I'm on the hunt.

Would you purchase something like this? Would you get $6 of use out of it? What about $15?

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