Apr 3, 2015

Spring Target Candles

Hey there!

Target has some new candles. I always get super excited when they get new scents. I rush right over and sniff them all. I did just that this time too.

They had yummy scents like Lemon Trifle, Ocean Oasis, Cinnamon Fires and Cozy Nights. No, not all of them were fantastic. And, of course I didn't need any of them. I had just picked up some wallflowers from Bath & Body Works and I'm packing up to move. Surely I could get out of Target without picking up a bunch of candles that I didn't need!

NO! I didn't pick up a bunch of candles. I picked up one. Marshmallow Pop.

Before you get all judgey on me, let me explain. It smells sugary and sweet and a tiny bit like rice krispy treats. Now do you understand my dilemma? Of course you do.

And I was strong! I wanted almost all of them! Lemon Trifle smelled like a nice, warm pound cake with a hint of lemon icing. Cinnamon Fire smelled like red hots -- the good ones! Ocean Oasis smelled like the beach -- how do they do that?! How do you bottle the beach?!

Well, I only picked up one little, bitty $5 candle. That's hardly a crime. Besides, I did it for you guys! I can't review a candle if I don't buy it!

With that logic I should have bought them all, huh?

Well the weekend is just beginning -- don't tempt me!

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